Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Drinks #1

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My apologies for not writing much lately. Work's been crazy. Life has been hectic. So, let's sit and chat over coffee or beers or whatever!

* One thing I did make a little time for was a binge session for the hot documentary on Netflix, Making a Murderer. This show was mindblowing. I can't tell you if Steven Avery killed Teresa Halbach or not. But I was floored by the determined way in which the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office went after him. They wanted to get him for whatever they could. And that Brendan Dassey hasn't received a new trial is criminal. He was completely disserved by possibly the worst public defender in history in Len Kachinsky. I could go on and on, and if you want to discuss feel free to send me a message. I have many an opinion on this one! And, if you haven't watched the documentary. Do so.

* I had said one of my goals for 2016 was to start working out. Well, I did join the gym and have begun working out. I'd honestly missed that more than I even imagined! Had a rough day at work? Go to the gym and work all my rage out before taking it out on anyone!

* Another goal was to sign up for a race. While it's not a road race, I have signed up for this: The 2016 Puppy Love Virtual Run - 5k/10k/Half Marathon
I signed up for the 5K because I am working my way up. And walking is welcome! It will be a nice challenge and benefits the American Humane Society. I really dig doggies and kitties too, so! Boom! I can run/walk this Feb. 13-21. I'll let you know!

* The BlogHer Writing Lab prompt this month have been reflecting on balance. ... I need to work on that! How about you? It's amazing to be in your 30s and not have it figured out yet. Oh well! Life is an adventure.

* Red Oaks on Amazon Prime is pretty amazing. The 80s. Tennis. Country clubs. Have you watched? Other Amazon shows you like?

* Very nice that winter decided to show up this week. Ice is the worst.

* Quick politics thought. Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump. Did you see his face when she rambled for 20 or more minutes in her opening speech!

This pretty much proves what a joke his candidacy is, but it should make the next few days before the Iowa Caucuses a little more entertaining. I also hope it means Tina Fey makes a return to Saturday Night Live this weekend. 

* Speaking of stuff to watch, this picture alone makes me want to catch 13 Hours. John Krasinski is looking good these days! Also makes me miss Jim and Pam from The Office! This is like an amped up Jim though! Look! 

 So tell me what's going on with you!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hello Miranda stop in from Blogher writing lab. Sound like your week was busy.
    Stop on in for a cup of coffee

  2. Nice to hear about your week! I've got a blog post brewing in my head that I hope makes it to the screen today. I've been off my charted course for a bit - out of town helping with family issues - now I'm back at it. I've missed my photography and blog and my online world! :-)



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