Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! Goals for 2016

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Ok, first things first! 

Yeah, I made that. Thanks, Canva! ;)

I've never been really great at doing New Year resolutions. I'm more of a goal setter. So let's talk a little about my goals for 2016.

* Enjoy life. It's simple enough. But y'all, I get anxious and let silly stuff stress me out. Remembering to take the time to enjoy the little things ... friends and family, and getting to spend time with them and not take anything for granted. It's important.

* Get Healthy. I have been working on this one for a while. But I am going to take the step to join a gym, again, this year. A new one is opening here and has better hours (24/7) so, Why not! I also want to step up and do a race this year. Even if it is a virtual. Yeah, ok, I'll do a 5K and move up in distance from there. I have friends who do half marathons for funsies, so why not!

* Improve Diet. I've lowered my carb intake, began using Almond Milk, drinking more water, eating more fruits. I basically wanted to continue on the track I'm on and improve!

* Make this little place awesome! I want to make this a nice place where I can share my thoughts and talk with y'all! I have lots of ideas so we shall see what happens here.

* Work on my photography. I have a photojournalism degree. I enjoy taking pictures. It's incredibly relaxing and a nice form of expression. I want to do some more of it this year. Whether it's starting something big or just sell a few shots. We'll see!

* Improve myself financially. Nuff said.  Plans.

* Travel. This will happen easier when I improve myself financially. So. This is a hopeful goal!

So. That's it for now. I have a few other personal goals that I'll work on.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun and successful 2016. All my love!

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  1. Fantastic! I look forward to spending the long holiday weekend reviewing my 2015 goals and making my 2016 goals official.. :-)



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